Shure Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative

Taken from the Shure website, beware of counterfeit Shure products.  If the price looks too good to be true then it more than likely is.  We have had a number of price match emails that have pointed to known counterfeits.  We are one of Shure’s Largest Main dealers and do our best to give the most competitive price on all Shure products.  If you do happen to find a genuine cheaper price then let us know and we will see if we can match or even beat it.


Shure against Counterfeiting Logo

Counterfeiting Warning

Counterfeiters have been actively selling counterfeit Shure products, particularly via websites, the majority of which are via online trading
platforms or China-based web companies.

There is a proliferation of English language websites based in China that invite customers to “Trade with China Suppliers”, “Buy Wholesale from
China” and “Deal Direct with the Factory”. Shure regularly takes enforcement action against such visible counterfeiting, which usually results
in the swift modification of the offending site to remove counterfeit Shure products.

The counterfeit products cost much less than an original Shure product, are of a far inferior quality and often do not even resemble the Shure
product they are replicating.

Shure is committed to providing its customers with high quality products. To ensure that you always receive an authentic Shure product, we
recommend that you only buy Shure products from an authorised Shure dealer.


Shure Against Counterfeiting

Shure has successfully employed a diverse strategy to combat counterfeiting. We aggressively attack counterfeit manufacturers and trading
companies at their source in China and sellers around the world whenever circumstances allow.

Shure also fights the makers and sellers of counterfeits by offensively and defensively protecting trademarks, domain names, designs, and other
intellectual property that facilitates the activities of these criminals.

Shure has an in-house legal team that works with a cadre of outside legal counsel and investigators around the world. We also collaborate
extensively with our partners in the distribution channel to identify and take action against counterfeit manufacturing and sales wherever they
are found around the world.

We have participated in anti-counterfeiting efforts with other professional audio and consumer electronics manufacturers, such as Yamaha, Audio
Technica and JVC in the past, and we continue to do so.

We work with various Customs authorities around the world, including Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Peru, Thailand, the U.S, Hong Kong and
mainland China. In the case of mainland China, the aim is to seize shipments of counterfeit Shure products before they leave Chinese ports.

Shure is an active member of the eBay VeRO program, and conducts monitoring of eBay and other online auctions sites worldwide on a regular


Advice on Purchasing Authentic Products

As a preventative measure, we urge customers to purchase Shure products only from Shure authorised resellers who can be located via the website
or by contacting Shure UK.

We advise customers not to purchase from dubious online sources. This includes sellers at online auction sites, or who are not authorised
dealers – many of whom seem to sell exclusively through a website.

These suspicious sources almost always claim to be selling genuine Shure products and they often explain their discounted prices by claiming to
have a direct connection with Shure factories or to Shure dealers in China. Buyers are often enticed by these false claims and are later
disappointed to find they purchased an inferior fake product with no options for a refund or warranty service.

To make detection of their fake products more difficult, counterfeit sellers will often post photo shots of genuine Shure products, as well as
genuine product specifications or even links to on the counterfeit sellers’ websites or on online auction sites, in order to
deceive purchasers that they are buying an actual Shure product. The product actually delivered to the purchaser turns out to be a low-grade
counterfeit product.


Counterfeiters will be Prosecuted!

Shure has participated in raids resulting in seizures up to several thousand units of counterfeit products.

We have successfully obtained the criminal prosecution of counterfeiters. The usual remedy is a large monetary penalty, as well as confiscation
and destruction of seized goods.

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