Review of our S920 Mic


We’ve received the following review of the Studiospares S920 microphone from a customer.

Studiospares S920 Review

A good value for money back Electret Mic
its on axis sound is very clean and with some minor improvements could be Great.
The capsule is not soft mounted, however handling noise is
not bad.

Major faults:
The battery earth return is via the screw that secures the xlr connector
given that the screw is anodised and the body painted this can result in poor continuity
which if then combined with a lead where pin 1 and xlr body are linked thus providing
a parralel battery earth path results in noise when ever the lead is moved ,
inevitable in a vocal mic!

Second problem is the intenal transformer is not shielded and is very prone to
stray fields.

The output is reverse phase to the accepted norm.

The mic is prone to popping as it has an extended LF responce not
suitable for a vocal mic and no bass cut option this is partly compounded by an
ineffective windshield but even with an additional external foam shield it is still prone

The cardiod pattern is not a tight as might be expected which probably a factor
in the clean flat responce, some what akin to an akg 1000

However this is still a usefull mic but probably not for close live vocals,
sounds nice on acoustic gtr and vibes

The max spl of 135 seems improbable with a single 1.5 volt battery
max rms output is limited to about 200 mv.

It sould be noted that the on off switch only mutes the output
and so battery must be removed after any session.

Despite all these problems I like the clean sound and have now bought 3

Chris Glass
Jazz @ The Manor

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