More Reviews of our M2000 Headphones

We’ve been sending our M2000’s all over the place to get professional opinions on them, and we’re pleased to confirm that the response has been universally positive! See below for a couple of reviews that we’ve received from some notable producers.

“The first thing you notice is how comfortable they are, they stay on your head really well with very little pressure and don’t get too hot. You forget you’re wearing them.
The sound quality is great, really clear, listening back to recordings whilst doing vocals is easy and there are no movement restrictions due to how secure on your head they are.
I’d be happy using them for any other recordings in the future.”

Scott Evanson
My Dinosaur Life

“The packaging and overall quality of the headphones was great, they’re sturdy with a decent length lead and a big plus point for me in a studio situation was the ability to disconnect one side of the headphones if a vocalist or performer wanted to hear their fold back mix just in one side. The balance of the headphones was good and they didn’t seem overly hyped in the lows ( a common problem on headphones) I could easily use them for checking my mixes and they were a great snug fit on my head rejecting outside ambient noise brilliantly. I’ve been using these for drummers to track with over the past few days and none have told me they were struggling to hear the fold back mix!

At this price they’re a steal!”

Andrew William Spence
Owner, Producer at Project 9 Studio


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