Akai Professional X CAPSUN Audio

Buy selected AKAI gear and receive exclusive sample content from Capsun Audio.

Until 31st January 2018, Buy any AKAI MPK Mini MK IIMPD 218, APC Mini, APC Key or MIDIMix and receive exclusive Ableton-ready sample content from industry-leading premium sample creation and sound design developer CAPSUN ProAudio.

Experience total control and inject some impact to your production with Akai Professional and CAPSUN ProAudio. For a limited time, new and existing users of selected Akai gear can expand their sonic arsenal with an exclusive, expertly-curated Ableton-ready sample library comprising:

  • 3 Ableton Live Clip Projects (Lite, Standard, Suite & Drum Rack versions), complete with lessons and walkthroughs
  • 8 Drum Racks and 1 Drum Rack Project – including drum, bass, vocal / FX and melodic one-shot samples
  • 6 Audio FX Racks – 3 drum / 3 melodic, curated into Ableton Live Lite, Studio and Suite versions
  • 8 groove-fuelled MIDI drum clips
  • 8 hard-hitting, professionally mixed drum loops
  • 128 production ready one-shot samples – kick, bass, cymbal, snare, hi-hat, percussion, FX, vocal and melodic
  • 40 inspiring melodic, bass, vocal and atmospheric / FX loops

Impact Sound – CAPSUN ProAudio Presents Beats & Melodics  

With Beats & Melodics, CAPSUN ProAudio provides the ultimate platform to spark your creative core courtesy of a critically-acclaimed team of producers, musicians and sound designers. Add some impact to your production with an immense array of hard-hitting drum one-shots, lo-fi atmospheric textures, sultry-melodic licks and deep, driving bass – this 300MB archive screams quality, meticulously-designed to kick-start your latest production or add a professional finish as only CAPSUN ProAudio can provide. With Akai Professional’s ultra-portable studio solutions, take command of your creativity and design your perfect modular studio rig with a selection of ground-breaking products meticulously engineered for immersive tactile control and a rapid hassle-free workflow. With this limited time promotion, Akai Professional and CAPSUN ProAudio combine forces to provide producers and live performers with the ultimate in versatile control and hard-hitting sound content to match – creating something new has never been this easy!


With MPD218 an intuitive blend of MPC controls and technologies mesh with seamless USB connectivity to bring the feel of classic beat making into the world of computer music production. At the heart of MPD218 are 16 ultra-sensitive, hyper-playable Thick Fat MPC pads, ideal for triggering drums, one-shots, melodic samples, basslines and more; with three pad banks available and a pressure- and velocity-sensitive specification, expand MPD218’s performance capability to 48 fully-assignable, ultra-reactive triggers that capture every subtlety and nuance of your performance.



Go mobile without losing control. Akai Professional’s MPK Mini MKII is an ultra-compact keyboard controller designed for the travelling musician and the desktop producer.With a cluster of production-centric in-demand hardware controls coupled with a slim-line ultra-portable footprint, MPK Mini MKII lets you record, compose and perform with virtual instruments, effect plug-ins and DAWs whenever inspiration strikes


APC Mini

Dexterous, versatile, and powerful, APC mini is the most portable all-in-one USB powered plug-and-play Ableton controller solution with Akai Pro build quality crafted for on-the-go clip launching functionality. Engineered specifically for the mobile musician and the desktop producer, APC mini concentrates the essential features of the APC40 mkII, Akai Pro’s flagship Ableton controller, into a compact design that fits in your backpack. The result is a dynamic instrument that empowers you to make music with Ableton Live—anywhere.

APC Key 25

Designed for the performing musician or conventional composer, the APC Key 25 unites the power of an APC clip-launching panel with a keyboard interface, fusing real-time control of Ableton Live, traditional composition tools and USB plug-and-play connectivity. Create melodies, compose bass lines, and play chords with 25 synth-action mini keys. Dedicated buttons for Octave Up, Octave Down and Sustain expand the expressive capabilities of the keyboard to tap into the full melodic range and perform with classic piano-style sustain.



MIDIMix is a portable compact high-performance MIDI mixer giving musicians, DJs and producers complete, uncomplicated mastery over mixing and processing of their digital music creations on the go. Specifically engineered to utilise the MIDI learn function within all leading digital audio workstations, MIDIMix can be mapped to mixer settings, virtual instruments and more for tactile hands-on control of any MIDI assignable parameter.

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