Free Applied Acoustics Systems Session Bundle by Focusrite

Industry leading pro audio brand Focusrite now offers a free Applied Acoustics Systems Session Bundle (worth $99) until 8 December 2017.

Session Bundle consists of three soft synths for music-makers: Lounge Lizard Session 4, Strum Session 2 and Ultra Analog Session 2. The instruments provide essential sounds for tracks and are a real treat to play.

Lounge Lizard Session 4

Based on the physical modelling synthesis engine of the award-winning Lounge Lizard EP-4, Lounge Lizard Session 4 is a simple and straightforward instrument reproducing legendary electric pianos. Boasting 16 different piano sounds and a great selection of effects, Lounge Lizard Session 4 delivers outstanding sound quality, action and feel.

Strum Session 2

With 24 different acoustic and electric guitars, a two-channel amplifier, spring reverb, speaker cabinet and effects, Strum Session 2 packs everything needed to create guitar parts for productions. And with chord recognition, chord voicing, strumming and picking action, and a library of 102 MIDI riffs, playing guitar on a keyboard has never been so easy.

Ultra Analog Session 2

Ultra Analog Session 2 unfolds as a simple and fun synthesiser. At its core lies a hard-sync oscillator and filter duo supplemented by a powerful unison imparting a rich and modern sound. Additionally, key synthesis controls, an arpeggiator and a multi-effect module complete the package for a direct and spontaneous playing experience.

How can I claim this offer?

To take advantage of this offer simply register your Focusrite product or log in to your account on or before the 8th December 2017.
Follow the instructions at the top of your account page to enable you to access these great deals.
Please be aware that this offer will not be available after 8th December 2017.

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