February and March Focusrite Plug-In Collective Offer: AudioThing

Register a Focusrite device before the 29th March 2018 to receive the following AudioThing plug-ins for free, plus get 50% off any other AudioThing products.

If you’ve previously registered an interface, the plug-ins will be waiting for you within your Focusrite account.

Valve Filter VF-1 

A multimode resonant filter with vintage valve emulation. Use this plug-in to enhance anything from subtle warbles to full-track filtering effects.

Valve Exciter
A harmonic enhancer with vintage valve emulation, tube-based drive and bias adjustments tools, all within a single charming package.

A sample-based plug-in emulation of the ‘Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88’, a rare analogue drum machine from the 80s.

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