ADAM Audio announces new T8V Studio Monitor & Release ‘How to’ video series

ADAM Audio have been keeping busy by recently announcing their new T8V Studio Monitor that has been specifically designed to fit in the high performance and affordability bracket, alongside the T5V and T7V.

The T8V monitor shares many of the same design innovations created for the acclaimed flagship S Series monitor range. The T8V features the accuracy, precise dispersion characteristics, and high dynamic range that has made ADAM Audio one of the frontrunners in studio monitoring.

Furthermore, the T8V houses ADAM’s U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter along with a newly designed polypropylene symmetrical-excursion woofer that will extend bass to lower frequencies with reduced distortion that was previously not available in this price category.

In addition, the T8V and the rest of the T Series include ADAM’s High-Frequency Propagation System (HPSTM) that yields a remarkably consistent horizontal and vertical dispersion across the whole frequency spectrum, built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalisation, multi-way analogue connections and finally a Class D amplifier system.

In the words of Christian Hellinger, CEO of ADAM Audio. “The engineering team at ADAM Audio was given a challenge. We asked them for a range of near-field monitors that will fit into tighter budgets without compromising the design standards that made ADAM a fixture in studios around the world. The T Series delivers, with wide frequency response, low distortion, and precise dispersion control in a value-conscious solution.”

The new T8V from ADAM Audio will be available for purchase around the end of May and priced at £239 per monitor. Find out more at the Studiospares website.

Being one of the industry frontrunners ADAM Audio are bound the asked many questions, so to get everyone on the same page and provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

ADAM Audio has released its new video series called ‘How to ADAM Audio’. In the video series, Product Manager Stephan Mauer gives incredibly detailed explanations to a wide range of topics that included a beginners set-up guide to studio monitoring, all the way to room acoustics. To view the whole ‘How to’ series click here.

How to Setup Your Studio Monitors (With an Audio Interface)

In this episode, Stephan Mauer dives into what is needed to set-up your first studio monitors after purchase. In the video, he explains the methodology for beginners to get up and running with their audio interface, I/O set-up and more so they can get to what’s essential.

PROPER Studio Monitor Placement 101

In this episode, Stephan Mauer describes the details you will need to consider when positioning your studio monitors, whether it be in a small or large studio. Studio monitor placement is a huge factor and consideration when setting up your studio as you want your monitors to represent audio with 100% accuracy.

Understanding Your Speaker’s Frequency Response Chart

In this episode, Stephan Mauer dives how to understand frequency charts, and how they are used to judge the performance of a studio monitor. An excellent guide to understanding how to judge buying your next set studio monitors.

Breaking in Studio Monitors (Burning in Your Speakers)

In this episode, Stephan Mauer discusses why burning in your studio monitors after purchase is a necessary process. Burning in your monitors directly after the purchase is crucial for making sure you can trust your monitors and that they will give you the best audio reproduction for mixing, producing & tracking while in the studio.

PROPER Monitor Maintenance (Cleaning your Speakers)

In this episode, Stephan Mauer describes how to you should maintain your studio monitors, so they remain in the same pristine condition as the day you opened them up.

VERTICAL Vs. HORIZONTAL Studio Monitors (Can They Be Flipped?)

In this episode, Stephan Mauer describes in detail the differences between vertically orientated studio monitors and horizontally orientated studio monitors, and whether or not the two are interchangeable in your studio set-up.

Room Acoustics (HOME STUDIO Basics)

In this episode, Stephan Mauer dives into the complicated and highly debated topic of room acoustics. Room acoustics play a huge role in your studio space, so Stephan is here to educate on how to achieve that.

For more information on Acoustic Treatment – Check out the Studiospares website.

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