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PA Speakers: Active or Passive?

When looking for a small or portable PA system, one of the choices you need to make is whether to get passive or active/powered speakers. Of course, both types need power to be somehow fed into them – the difference between them is whether the amplifiers are in a separate
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Easy Home Studio Soundproofing

by Pablo Bellinghausen – If you make music at home and you are worried about your neighbours complaining – or conversely, if you have noisy neighbours and you would like to keep the levels down on your end – then you might want to consider soundproofing options for your room. As we saw in
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Home Studio Acoustics: Soundproofing Basics

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Most musicians and recordists are aware that recording and rehearsal studios spend a lot of money on installed materials that modify the acoustics inside the recording room. However, this gives rise to one of the most common misconceptions in professional audio. Acoustic treatment and soundproofing are very