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Microphones: Polar Patterns

by Pablo Bellinghausen – As we saw in our previous instalment, the large majority of professional microphones are directional, which means they will pick up sound differently depending on the angle the original sound is coming from. This is a lot harder to measure and visualise than just the frequency
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Vocal Recording: Tips

by Pablo Bellinghausen – As seen in our previous instalment, recording voice is perfectly achievable in a home studio setting as long as the correct microphone is used and the room’s acoustics are taken into account. There are however a few other pitfalls that should be avoided if one wishes to
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Home Studio Vocal Recording

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Vocal recording, whether of singing or spoken word, is nowadays easily achievable outside a studio; all you need is some basic gear and a quiet room. There are however several things to consider if you want to achieve truly professional results. Choosing a quality microphone is