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Microphones: The Basics

by Pablo Bellinghausen — Before getting into the more practical aspects of microphones, it’s important to know a bit about how they work. There are many introductions to mics out there, but they are often rather dry and theoretical, whereas others, in an attempt to keep things simple, miss some
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Connecting Microphones to a Computer

Connecting a mic to a computer for recording sounds like an easy task: just plug the cable into the mic input on the computer and you’re good to go, right? It’s not that simple, unfortunately; there is a very big difference between consumer and professional audio electrical standards, and mixing
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Live Desk Ergonomics

by Aston Fearon – The more ergonomically we set up our working area, the quicker we should should be able to access what we need in a given moment while mixing our show- be it turning up the brass section for their solo, pulling in a bit of compression or
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Live Processing and Effects

by Aston Fearon – We touched a little bit on gating in my last article so I won’t repeat myself here but here are a few things to think about when it comes to EQ, compression, reverb and delay; as we use processing and effects to gel our mix together. Processing
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Interfaces: USB 3 vs Thunderbolt

by Pablo Bellinghausen – There’s never been a better time to buy an audio interface, with more accurate converter chips and circuitry than has ever been possible in portable, inexpensive devices. The new generation of computer connections promises better speed than the industry-standard USB 2 and Firewire. However, many people
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Delivering a Live Mix with Clarity

by Aston Fearon – One of the keys to a good mix is to create one that is clear, where every instrument feels like it’s where it should be and everything sounds well balanced- with nothing muddy damaging it. System EQ Using EQ over the whole system is important in