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Setting The Stage For A Great Mix

by Aston Fearon When mixing a band live, what we do before the show even begins can have a massive impact on how successful our mix is.   Preparation Getting in before the band do is a must because many of the things that can be done without a
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Vocal Recording: Tips

by Pablo Bellinghausen – As seen in our previous instalment, recording voice is perfectly achievable in a home studio setting as long as the correct microphone is used and the room’s acoustics are taken into account. There are however a few other pitfalls that should be avoided if one wishes to
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Home Studio Vocal Recording

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Vocal recording, whether of singing or spoken word, is nowadays easily achievable outside a studio; all you need is some basic gear and a quiet room. There are however several things to consider if you want to achieve truly professional results. Choosing a quality microphone is
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Audio Interfaces: The High-End

by Pablo Bellinghausen – We have received a few questions about the quality of different sound cards lately, and so for the last of our audio interface articles we will be talking about the high-end products found in professional recording and mastering studios, and what to expect from them in