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New Studiospares PM150 video on Youtube

The Studiospares PM150 is an affordable personal monitoring system and in our new YouTube video, we give you an overview of its features. Monitoring systems can be expensive and take up a lot of room, especially at smaller gigs and events. The PM150 monitoring system is designed for the musicians, singers,
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Studiospares RED Range: Jacks of All Trades?

Studiospares sells many “bits and bobs” that are of relative usefulness to the average studio or live stage – some are critical components, others are for more niche requirements. One of the essential ranges is the “RED” series, which is a set of problem-solving connectivity devices. They are cheap, good-looking,
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Studiospares Studio Monitor Speakers: Listening Tests

The powered nearfield studio monitor market is constantly expanding, with products currently available at virtually every price point. In an ideal world, everyone would be able to afford the top brands, such as PSI, PMC, ATC, or Barefoot speakers, but most people, (and budding producers/musicians in particular), have more modest
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5″ Studio Monitors Comparison

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Most musicians and budding producers getting into their craft will at some point require small, yet great-sounding studio monitors in order to hear their work accurately, and there are many options in the market at wildly different prices. However, it is quite hard to find any
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Great All-Rounder Pro Headphones

Even though there are headphones at all price ranges, it is often hard to recommend great models without ending up paying the eye-watering prices that are so common at the upper end of the market. We decided to go through all the offerings from the major pro audio brands and give you
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The Top Live Vocal Mics

These are tough times for musicians, but having a good-sounding and dependable microphone does not have to cost the world. Actually, since most singers and bands starting out will be playing smaller venues, it’s debatable whether the extra fidelity of higher-end mics is that important. When you are playing smaller