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Start Your Studio For Under £500

  Recording at home has never been easier than it is today, and with prices of pro audio gear now within reach of the consumer market – it has never been cheaper. Setting up your studio is not going to break your bank as much as you may think. To get the
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Aston Origin & Spirit In-Depth Review

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Faced with an onslaught of low-cost, derivative products in the last couple of decades, more reputable microphone companies have sought to remain competitive whilst avoiding a decline in quality in many ways; Shure has a plant in northern Mexico they keep under close scrutiny, Sennheiser spent a small
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Why Buy A Ribbon Microphone?

We often hear questions about ribbon microphones and what they offer by comparison to dynamic, condenser or tube designs. Aside from the various manufacturing differences, each of the mentioned designs have very unique characters. Within this family of designs, the ribbon microphone is a peculiar one. Originally ribbon microphones became a great alternative
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Audio Interfaces for iPad and iPhone

The last instalment on iOS devices, Microphones For iPad & iPhone, was focussed on microphones designed to be plugged straight into them either for recording, podcasting, audio for video, or just high-quality audio during calls. However, there are often times when more flexibility is required, and existing professional microphones are a better option, in
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Microphones for iPad & iPhone

Although there are several portable device brands, Apple iOS products (which include the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) benefit from the biggest product ecosystem in the market. Both the tablet and music technology industry have changed drastically in the last few years, and it is currently a very good time to conveniently record high-quality audio
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Five Great Digital Wireless Microphones

The question often arises of ‘Which are the best wireless microphones?’ and ‘What makes this wireless microphone better than the less expensive one?’ Unfortunately there is no short answer that we can offer, microphone preferences are subjective and will often be personal to each performer. However, we can elaborate on some great examples of