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More Reviews of our M2000 Headphones

We’ve been sending our M2000’s all over the place to get professional opinions on them, and we’re pleased to confirm that the response has been universally positive! See below for a couple of reviews that we’ve received from some notable producers. “The first thing you notice is how comfortable they
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M2000 Review from Urban Chain Studios

Our thanks go to Paulo at Urban Chain for this excellent Video review of our new M2000 Headphones. Urban Chain Studio is one of the studios where Peter Andre and other known artists from X-factor and Britain’s got talent have been recording their songs and album productions. It’s based in
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M1000 Review by Will Anderson

The first thing that strikes you when you put on the M1000s is the incredible isolation you get from the large beefy cups. Absolutely ideal for working in a studio in where you’re in the same space as the performers, in a control room with poor isolation from the
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M1000 Review by Pete Carr

We’ve received another great review of our new flagship headphones, the M1000s. Have a read of this: The Studiospares M1000s are a great set of headphones. At first glance they look very professional and sturdy with a very slick and smooth finish. The detachable cable is an added bonus meaning
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Review – MicW iOS Microphones i436/i456/i266

Review –  MicW iOS Microphones – i436, i456, i266   MicW was born from origins as a manufacturer of affordable measurement microphones for industrial use, so it’s no surprise that their first offering for the pro audio iOS market is a Class 2 omni measurement microphone. Since I do a fair amount
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Review of our S920 Mic

We’ve received the following review of the Studiospares S920 microphone from a customer. Studiospares S920 Review A good value for money back Electret Mic its on axis sound is very clean and with some minor improvements could be Great. The capsule is not soft mounted, however handling noise is not