New Studiospares PM150 video on Youtube

The Studiospares PM150 is an affordable personal monitoring system and in our new YouTube video, we give you an overview of its features.

Monitoring systems can be expensive and take up a lot of room, especially at smaller gigs and events. The PM150 monitoring system is designed for the musicians, singers, presenters, and speakers that need control over their sound but without having to take a ton of gear and having an additional front-of-house or monitor engineer.

In fact, the PM150 is relatively small, and because you can mount it on to a straight or boom mic stand, you can position it exactly where needed, which is not always the case with full-sized floor monitors… especially when sharing with someone else in the band!

It has 2 mic/line combi inputs and stereo aux inputs. And to get the sound exactly how you like it, the PM150 also features 3-band parametric EQ and an adjustable wet/dry echo.

It’s “Thru” output on the rear also means that the signal can be sent directly to the PA.

Buy before May 31st and get 10% discount.
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