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This month Focusrite Plug-in Collective members can download for FREE Magnetite (usually $89) from German developer Black Rooster Audio from the 9th of July to the 3rd of September.

As well as that, throughout the same period, Plug-in Collective members can also find a discount code in their Focusrite account with which they can buy Black Rooster’s Compressor Bundle for just $249. Normally retailing for $684, this incredible compressor plug-in six-pack comprises analogue- modelled emulations of five vintage classics, and an all-new zero-latency design created in collaboration with multi-platinum mix engineer Koen Heldens.

Magnetite is the go-to plug-in for infusing your digital productions with the sonic texture and energy of analogue tape. Beef up your drums and basses, boost vocal presence or bring cohesion and colouration to your master bus with Magnetite.

Magnetite is an effortless and instant solution for adding palpable analogue vibes, weight and character to your individual tracks and group busses. Producers of lo-fi, synthwave and other retro styles will particularly find direct relevance to this plug-in for its ability to evocative fluctuations and creative noise to their tracks.

Here’s what Jonathan Campbell, Plug-in Collective Product Manager had to say on Magnetite: “What I most enjoy about using this plug-in is the variation in tape types available, and the wide range of effects you can achieve with them. Used on a drum bus, it adds a really nice saturation and glueing effect, and just by driving the input, you can add a load of crunch and fatness. Magnetite can be used on most sounds to get a more tape feel, and it’s super easy to get quick results with!”

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This month Focusrite Plug-in Collective members can download Positive Grid’s BIAS FX 2 LE for FREE. From the 14th of May to the 9th of July guitarists, bassists and electronic producers that are on the hunt for some of the most authentic digital amplifier simulations can jump into the beautifully designed plug-in and standalone application for Mac and PC.

BIAS FX 2 allows you to build the guitar, bass or even synth amplifier and processing chain of your dreams by drawing on emulations of some of the world’s most favoured and desired amplifiers, effects, cabinets, microphones and more.

BIAS FX 2 LE features 15-amp models that are categorised as Low Gain, Hi Gain, Crunch, Acoustic and Bass. 22 stompbox and rack-style effects run the sonic gamut from compression, EQ and distortion to reverb, delay, filtering, chorus and beyond. There is no limit to the number of pedalboards you can create and by logging into Positive Grid’s free ToneCloud® pre-set storage and sharing system, you can search, filter and download custom pedalboard pre-sets made by other users and even big-name artists.

BIAS FX 2 LE features the revolutionary Guitar Match system. Where you can to turn your Fender Squier into a Custom ’57 Goldtop Reissue with astonishing realism, character and feel thanks to this software, for example.

Jonathan Campbell, Plug-in Collective Product Manager comments:
“This month we’re teaming up with our friends at Positive Grid to bring you BIAS FX LE 2, an all-in-one guitar effects unit. A couple of standout features make this an absolute must for any guitarist.

My favourite feature is Guitar Match, which literally lets you change the sound of your guitar to that of a completely different one. It’s a truly revolutionary feature and paired with BIAS FX 2 LE’s highly customisable guitar effects chains, and it gave me total control over the tones I could produce with my own guitar. If you’re a guitarist, you’ll lose hours messing around and having fun with Bias FX LE 2.”

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This month Focusrite gives Plug-in Collective members two fantastic plug-ins from Mastering The Mix. From the 12th March till the 7th May, members of the Plug-in Collective community can download for free, Mastering The Mix’s powerful IGNITE effect and an exclusive six-month trial version of the BASSROOM mastering EQ.

IGNITE is a dynamic harmonic distortion effect that will bring level- and frequency-responsive grit, texture character and stereo enhancement to any instrument or vocal source you choose. Target specific frequencies for distortion, adjust the input signal threshold level above which it’s applied, shape the two-stage response envelope, and set IGNITE to work on the left/right, mid or side signals. The IGINTE plug-in is everything you’ll need to make any sound seem louder and more present in your mixes.

BASSROOM’s incredible 3D interface and genre-specific EQ target suggestions are based on real-time analyses of your mixes and make productive manipulation of low frequencies almost effortless. The transparent processing of 5x carefully calibrated frequency bands, it allows you to achieve the perfect blend of punchy low-mids and defined lows that are vital to a natural-sounding master.

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Plug-in Collective is a community hub that brings you, Focusrite and the most innovative software brands together. Plug-in Collective makes it easy for you to keep up to date and discover virtual instruments and effects, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins. To join the Plug-in Collective, simply register any Focusrite hardware product and then lookout for a new offer every couple of months.

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