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Microphone Stand Buying Guide 2020

When buying a microphone, the last thing you’ll probably be thinking about is how you are going to mount it when using it. Chances are you’ll be deep in thought on the specification and performance of your chosen mic. This may be an afterthought once you’ve bought your new microphone, or worst once it arrives and you realise you need a stand for it.

Microphone stands are an essential tool when using any microphone live or in a recording setting. Finding the right one to suit your needs can be confusing if you’ve never had an experience so, in this guide, we’ll take a look at some microphone stand options so you can make the best judgment when buying.

Option 1.

microphone stand The most commonly used microphone stand and the first option would be a telescopic boom stand. These stands feature adjustable height mechanisms at the base so you can adjust the overall height of the telescopic boom section. The telescopic boom section’s length can be adjusted alongside the angle of the boom section.

The great thing about telescopic mic stands is that they can be used for almost every application. They are customisable enough for any recording application, live situation and more. Like a Swiss army knife, they’ll be able to solve any problem. If this is your first ever mic stand, this would be the golden standard choice and if you already have mic stands these will be valuable additions to your arsenal. Possible choices:

Studiospares Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom – £14

K&M 21090 Mic Stand & Telescopic Boom – £41

Bespeco MSF10C Pro Mic Stand with Push Button Telescopic Boom – £59.99

Bespeco MS16 Mic Stand 2 in 1 Straight & Telescopic Boom – £89.99

Option 2.

Another microphone stand option if the telescopic boom arm isn’t what you’re looking for is a straight one hand mic stand. These are usually found to be the best option for performers. The simple to use height adjustment and minimal size make them perfect for live performances. Height adjustments with one hand, and small enough not to get in the way of the performances, these are ideal for performing vocalists. Possible choices:

Studiospares Pro One Hand Round Base Mic Stand – £22.50

K&M 26085 One Hand Mic Stand – £40

Bespeco MS14 Straight Professional One Hand Microphone Stand – £79.99

Option 3.

If you are not in the recording studio or live performance realm and are working more in the desk world of podcasting or streaming, a large tall mic stand might not be the best option. So a great option would be a desk boom arm microphone stand. These can be easily mounted to your desk/workstation and easily manoeuvred into a comfortable position while you are working. Some of these stands have XLR cables built into the stand itself as to minimise any inconvenience of hanging wires in the way of you while you work. Possible choices:

Short Multipoise Mic Desk Boom Arm – £29.99

Desk Boom Arm For Broadcasters by Studiospares – £49

K&M 23860 Multipoise Desk Boom Arm – £135

Option 4.

Another microphone stand option would be short stands. These shorter stands are designed more to be used on low sitting equipment like kick drums or speaker cabinets. Perfect if you don’t need all the extra length regular telescopic boom stands provide. Short telescopic mic stands offer the same boom angle and length adjustments to allow you to get the perfect positioning. Possible choices:

Trojan Pro Short Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom – £17.50

Studiospares Pro Short Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom – £18

K&M 25950 Short Microphone Stand – £37

Option 5.

The last option of microphone stand would be desktop/table stands. These are more of an option for a simple desktop application where a desktop boom arm may not be the right choice. These stands are ultra-simple and productive and take up minimal space on your desktop. If you are doing quick voice-overs, podcasts or streams these would be a fantastic option of stand. Possible choices:

Studiospares Pro Variable Table Stand with Clip – £7.99

Studiospares Pro Short Table Stand – £9.95

K&M 25995 Table Mic Stand – £35.30


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