6 Microphones Under £80 that can be used for podcasting or voiceovers

In this video, we compared 6 microphones that all cost under £80 that can be used for recording voiceovers and podcasts.

Rather than tell you what each of them is we numbered them 1 – 6. As it’s blind test means you won’t be pre-judging and trying to guess which mic is which …. and it’s also a little more fun.

Scroll down once you’ve watched the video to find out more about the mics we tested.

For recording, we used a Presonus Audiobox USB 96 with Logic X and the only alterations we made were to the gain level on the audio interface. You can download the recorded audio file here so you can listen in your own studio environment or on a set of headphones.

Why not leave a comment below telling us which one or which ones you liked and why?

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Microphone 1 – AKG D5 £59

The D5 professional dynamic microphone for many vocal applications and it delivers a powerful sound even in noisy environments which makes it great for recording podcasts with multiple participants in the same space and at only £59 is great value from a well-established manufacturer.

The AKG D5 is an extremely rugged vocal/speech microphone featuring a patented laminated varimotion diaphragm. Available with or without on/off switch (439740) * Spring steel wire-mesh grill The D 5 dynamic vocal microphone for lead and backing vocals delivers a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage.


Microphone 2 – Studiospares S1000 £49.99

The Studiospares S1005 Condenser microphone is a superb entry-level microphone and an ideal choice for those just getting started in the world of recording priced at £49.99

With over 20 years of refined design going into the S1005, you can expect exceptional build quality, alongside the S1005’s full frequency response, the build quality isn’t overlooked looked with the affordable price bracket.


Microphone 3 – Audio Technica AT2020 £75

The AT2020 often a popular choice is the Audio-Technica AT2020 is a side-address, studio condenser microphone intended for vocal and general recording applications and costs £75.

Its low-mass diaphragm is custom made for extended frequency response and superior transient response. With a very low intrinsic noise level, it is perfectly suited to current digital recording equipment.


Microphone 4 – Studiospares S940 £29.99

The S940. Like the AKG D5 it is also a dynamic microphone and performs well in noisy environments as well as being great value at just £29.99.

It has been specifically designed to have a frequency response of 100Hz to 15kHz, tailoring it perfectly to be suited best to capture the human voice. Every harmonic detail of any given vocal performance will be accurately and faithfully captured using this microphone


Microphone 5 – SE Electronics X1 A £79

The X1a has some great features that allow you to control the sound a little more. These include 0Db – 20db pad switch as well as low cut filter switch and is priced at £79

With a newly-developed condenser capsule and an exterior based on the rugged metal chassis of the X1, the X1 A offers first-class sound & specifications at an even better “home studio” cost, featuring an extremely natural frequency response, massive SPL-handling capabilities (150dB!), switchable attenuation and low-cut filters, and a perfectly balanced sensitivity level – so it’s at home on absolutely any source.


Microphone 6 – Studiospares S2000 £74.99

Like the X1a this mic has some additional features that allow you to control the sound a little more and it’s also multi pattern making this mic a very versatile choice and priced at just £74.99 isn’t going to break the bank.

The S2000 features a dual capsule design with back to back 35mm gold capsules that operate via a VPM (Voltage Phase Matrix). This microphone features 3 polar patterns cardioid, figure 8 and Omni. This will provide you with unlimited versatility as whatever recording situation you find yourself in, the option of 3 polar patterns means you’ll capture every harmonic detail with the best authenticity.


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