NAMM 2020 news – Austrian Audio introduces the new Hi-X headphones

At the recent NAMM show, Austrian Audio released their new first-ever professional Hi-X (High Excursion) headphone range comprised of the on-ear HI-X50 and the over the ear HI-X55. Being known of the OC818 and OC18 microphones, Austrian Audio delivers the same level of passion and engineering to its new headphone range. The Hi-X range is designed and constructed exclusively by the experts of Austrian Audios team in Vienna Austria.


The on-ear, super-aural HI-X50s are specifically designed for those users requiring a portable and compact headphone option, whereas the HI-X55 circum-aurals provide over-the-ear comfort designed to be catered to the studio user. Both headphones feature Austrian Audio’s exclusive 44mm HI-X driver to ensure the optimal performance and eliminate any diaphragm wobbling. Austrian Audios award-winning ring magnet system that has been present in past models of headphones is present in the new Hi-X line.

The Hi-X headphones feature enhanced design, improved airflow, superior design materials and the strongest magnetic field from a manufacturer to date. The ring magnet structure couples with a copper-clad aluminium voice coils to reduce the moving mass to produce a better impulse reaction. Additionally, Austrian Audio’s three-ply membrane increases the stiffness and reduces undesired resonances, bolstered further by a double acoustic wall design to achieve the best damping results.

Austrian Audio knows all too well about the importance of ruggedness and reliability as all of the critical strength components are made from metal to offer superb protection to the headphones. Meanwhile, both headphone models present a 250hm impedance. Austrian Audios Hi-X headphones cater to every user, as the ear cups have been designed to incorporate a larger design to accommodate every user’s unique ear size. Austrian Audio have also taken onboard often requested aspects like incorporating easily removable earpads and replaceable bow pad. Lastly, the headphones come included with a detachable cable, and each headphone is furnished with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.

Pricing and Availability

The Austrian Audio Hi-X55 headphones will be available from February 2020 priced at £249 RRP inc VAT. The Austrian Audio Hi-X50 headphones will be available from April 2020 priced at £199 RRP inc VAT. For more information, visit the Austrian Audio website.


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