NAMM 2020 news – Drawmer release 1970 Dual FET Compressor & Pre-amplifier

Recently at NAMM 2020 Drawmer has recently launched the 1970 Dual FET Compressor & Pre-amplifier that’s built on the heritage-inspired by their illustrious 1960 unit. With its expanded feature set this makes the 1970 one of the most adaptable mic preamplifiers/compressors on the market today at an affordable price point.

The 1970 has expanded on its predecessor’s feature set, the panel’s layout has been improved and the D.I WQ has been fine-tuned to be more accurate than the Drawmer 1960. The 1970 uses the latest THAT Corporation technology in the 2x mic preamps to provide the user pristine clean and transparent recordings. Each channel has the capability of 66dB with switchable microphone impedance for accurate microphone matching to heed the best results.

Moving to the compressor aspect of the device. The 1970 can be used as two mono-tracking compressors or as a single stereo bus compressor. It features 2x modes, Big for the lows and Air for the trebles alongside the typical suite of compressor controls such as threshold and ratio.

Adjusting the wet/dry mix and output gain knobs on both channels, you’ll be able to achieve a parallel compression function without any need for external hardware.

The Drawmer 1970 is housed in a rugged steel chassis and aluminium front panel and is entirely hand build in the UK.

For more information, visit the Drawmer website.

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