NAMM 2020 news – IK Multimedia launch AXE I/O SOLO – Z-TONE DI & Z-TONE Buffer Boost

IK Multimedia has been busy releasing a handful of new products on the first day of NAMM this year, with more rumoured to be dropping soon. First up is the AXE I/O SOLO, a new entry into the AXE I/O family of high-end guitar interfaces that showcases advanced tone-shaping features. Next up is the Z-TONE DI and Z-TONE Buffer Boost, these use the award-winning input circuits as the AXE I/O interface. These new tools allow you to shape your tone, route and control your instrument like never than before.


The AXE I/O SOLO is a compact 2-in/3-out USB interface that houses IK’s high-end PURE microphone preamp. A unique instrument input with tone-shaping options, exclusive Amp Out to seamlessly connect software, real amps and pedals into a recording set-up. And with 24bit and 192kHz converters, a pristine level of quality recording suitable for all styles of music will be achieved.

The AXE I/O SOLO active and passive pickup selector instantly adapts to the gain structure of any instrument to ensure the signal is as direct and uncoloured as possible for the highest of quality of recordings. The PURE and JFET circuits add warmth and harmonic richness with the flip of a switch. Finally, the IK exclusive Z-Tone features allow for the input impedance to interact with the guitar’s pickups. Maximum impedance a tighter/sharper sound is achieved while the lower impedance makes the sound thicker and bolder.

AXE I/O SOLO will be available from Q2 2020 and can be pre-ordered now, visit the IK Multimedia website for more details.


The Z-TONE DI is an active direct box that’s packed with unique features and tone-shaping parameters. The Z-TONE DI also features an active/passive pickup selector for achieving the cleanest sound possible. Next up is both PURE and JFET preamps that give you more tonal options, from completely a transparent, colourless sound to a subtle midrange, focused warm sound all with the flick of a switch, it’s like having 2x preamps in one. Again, featuring an Impedance control allowing you to achieve a tighter or bolder sound all with the operation of a single knob. Lastly, the Z-TONE DI offers a Hi-Z Link out, that mirrors the input signal so you can connect pedals and amps and have the option to blend those sounds while recording.

Z-TONE Buffer Boost

The Z-TONE Buffer Boost is a high-quality instrument preamp with exceptionally low noise and features a wide frequency response. With multiple circuit topologies, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost can adapt to any type of guitar, pickup or style with total ease. Like the Z-TONE DI, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost has a pickup selector, PURE or JFET and Impedance control. The Z-TONE Buffer Boost offers a balanced XLR output to connect directly to mixers and Pas so you could skip the amp and perform direct, or mix clean and processed signals to create a new sound palate.

Both Z-TONE DI and Buffer Boost will be available in March 2020 and are available for pre-order, visit the IK Multimedia website for more details.


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