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5″ Studio Monitors Comparison

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Most musicians and budding producers getting into their craft will at some point require small, yet great-sounding studio monitors in order to hear their work accurately, and there are many options in the market at wildly different prices. However, it is quite hard to find any
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Home Studio Acoustics: Soundproofing Basics

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Most musicians and recordists are aware that recording and rehearsal studios spend a lot of money on installed materials that modify the acoustics inside the recording room. However, this gives rise to one of the most common misconceptions in professional audio. Acoustic treatment and soundproofing are very

NAMM 2017: Top 5 New Audio Products

The National Association of Music Merchants Trade Show (or NAMM, as it is usually called) has for years been the biggest yearly event in the pro audio industry, where brands unveil their biggest products, and this year was no exception. Here is a top five of the most notable products you
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Home Studio Acoustics: Speaker Placement

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Producing music of any kind relies on accurate monitoring, and professional studios spend a lot of money not only on the speakers, but in acoustically-treated, purpose-built rooms of just the right size and shape for optimal sound. In most project studios – even those with high-quality
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Audio Connections: The 7 Deadly Sins

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Basic wiring in the consumer world  is usually as easy as using any lead with the right plug at either end, but doing this with professional equipment can often go wrong, sometimes dangerously so. As we’ve seen in our two previous instalments, there are quite a few things to