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Great All-Rounder Pro Headphones

Even though there are headphones at all price ranges, it is often hard to recommend great models without ending up paying the eye-watering prices that are so common at the upper end of the market. We decided to go through all the offerings from the major pro audio brands and give you
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Analogue Cabling: Signal Types

by Pablo Bellinghausen – In this article we will be looking at the different types of analogue signal, as well as the right cables to use for each of them. We’ve kept it simple yet thorough so it can work as a quick guide. If you’re a bit hazy on your electrical terms, balanced audio
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The Top Live Vocal Mics

These are tough times for musicians, but having a good-sounding and dependable microphone does not have to cost the world. Actually, since most singers and bands starting out will be playing smaller venues, it’s debatable whether the extra fidelity of higher-end mics is that important. When you are playing smaller
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Analogue Cabling: The Basics

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Analogue audio connections are an aspect of pro audio to which many give little thought, but can quickly become a show-stopper. Every single lead in the signal path has the potential to degrade or even completely kill your sound, and in a system with dozens of channels and hundreds

SM58 50th Anniversary

Shure is introducing an anniversary model of its most popular microphone, the SM58, to celebrate its 50th year. The world’s most popular microphone, has been a foundational and formidable part of live performance for more than 50 years. Earlier this year, Shure revealed the KSM8, the “the most significant dynamic microphone
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Power Ratings: Why Speakers Break

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Broken speakers are sadly a common sight in PA systems around the world, and many people can be at a loss as to why. There are many possible reasons (from feed wires getting unplugged and glue disintegrating, to someone poking the cardboard of the cone), but by