SM58 50th Anniversary

Shure is introducing an anniversary model of its most popular microphone, the SM58, to celebrate its 50th year. The world’s most popular microphone, has been a foundational and formidable part of live performance for more than 50 years. Earlier this year, Shure revealed the KSM8, the “the most significant dynamic microphone
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Power Ratings: Why Speakers Break

by Pablo Bellinghausen – Broken speakers are sadly a common sight in PA systems around the world, and many people can be at a loss as to why. There are many possible reasons (from feed wires getting unplugged and glue disintegrating, to someone poking the cardboard of the cone), but by
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Power Ratings: Know What’s Watt

by Pablo Bellinghausen – With so many small venues and bands buying their own public address systems nowadays (PA systems for short), loudspeakers and the power amplifiers required to drive them are one of the more common products sold in pro audio. However, power ratings are also one of the
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Start Your Studio For Under £500

  Recording at home has never been easier than it is today, and with prices of pro audio gear now within reach of the consumer market – it has never been cheaper. Setting up your studio is not going to break your bank as much as you may think. To get the
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Summer Essentials

With summer now over the horizon, it’s the time of year where we will all look to travel the world, explore the great outdoors, and gather for amazing moments with friends and family. For all of us in the office, music has proven to be a great tool for happiness, so we
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Audio Interfaces: Mixers

by Pablo Bellinghausen – When both beginners and professionals alike picture a high-end studio, one of the first things that will come to mind is likely to be an imposing analogue mixer in the middle of the room. This, alongside their ubiquity in live PA systems, will very often lead