Studiospares Lockdown Podcast Ep 003 – What now for pubs & small music venues & live music?

The Studiospares Lockdown Podcast is aimed at talking to musicians, producers, voiceover artists, venues, agents (and more) about the current lockdown, how has it effected them and their business and asks the question of what happens post-lockdown.

Our third guest on the Lockdown Podcast is the owner of The Oddfellows Arms. Brett Hulme. Brett took over The Oddfellows Arms in 2011 following a career change and has since grown the pub into a popular live music venue, known throughout Hertfordshire for its vibrant live scene and famous weekday open mic nights.

In the episode, Brett talks to Dave through the history of The Oddfellows Arms since he took over, how COVID-19 has affected the venue since lockdown and what he has been doing in the meantime to keep the venue alive. Brett also gives Dave an insight into what the future may hold for venues like The Oddfellows Arms and what measures will need to be taken to follow new guidelines.

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