Studiospares Lockdown Podcast Ep 005 – Can bands help venues post-lockdown?

The Studiospares Lockdown Podcast is aimed at talking to musicians, producers, voiceover artists, venues, agents (and more) about the current lockdown, how has it effected them and their business and asks the question of what happens post-lockdown.

Our fifth guest is Jane Giles, the general manager of The Horns in Watford. A fantastic grassroots music venue that features everything from originals, covers and tribute bands to open mic nights to discos and more. The Horns has established itself to be a staple venue for live acts to play in the Hertfordshire area, no doubt thanks to the sheer tenacity and dedication Jane has put into the venue becoming what it is known for today.

In this episode, Jane talks Dave through her journey to becoming the general manager of The Horns, how chances need to be taken on giving young and upcoming bands the attention they need and how it’s a bands responsibility as much as a venues to bring in a crowd. Jane also talks Dave through the effects COVID-19 has had on The Horns, whether or not she will be opening soon, will bands be able to play together again by January 2021 and what can be done to help save music venues from going under.

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