Studiospares Lockdown Podcast Ep 006 – How has lockdown affected the Voice Over industry?

The Studiospares Lockdown Podcast is aimed at talking to musicians, producers, voiceover artists, venues, agents (and more) about the current lockdown, how has it effected them and their business and asks the question of what happens post-lockdown.

Our sixth guests are Rachael Naylor founder of The VoiceOver Network and Alan Shires communications manager of The VoiceOver Network. A fantastic organisation devoted to providing a safe, supportive community where voice over artists can network, share, support and strengthen one and other in the industry. Both are experienced professional voice over artists whose combined track record includes the likes of Disney, Virgin Media, Vauxhall, Costa Coffee, TrustFord and Centrepoint.

In this episode, Racheal talks to Dave how she came to create The VoiceOver Network back in 2013, how the rise of social media took the voice over industry from an exclusive club to a legitimate career route for the many. Rachael and Alan also talk Dave through how expansive the voice over industry really is and that it isn’t exclusive to commercials.

Furthermore, Rachael and Alan give Dave an insight into how the voice over industry is continuously changing and what the dynamics between artist and agent are like in the current day, with voice over artists now able to find work themselves. Lastly, Rachael and Alan talk Dave through the effects COVID-19 has had on the voice over industry and is home studio recording the future for the industry?

The VoiceOver Network is now offering a special offer to Studiospares customers and subscribers, to take advantage of this offer click here.

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