Studiospares Lockdown Podcast Episode 002 – TAD Management

The Studiospares Lockdown Podcast is aimed at talking to musicians, producers, voiceover artists, venues, agents (and more) about the current lockdown, how has it effected them and their business and asks the question of what happens post-lockdown.

Our second guests on the Lockdown Podcast are CEO and Founder of TAD Management. Terry Davies and Director of UK Operations Sam Kane. TAD Management is one of the world’s best tribute and concert production companies. They work with over 200 elite-class artists, bands, and acts in getting them into shows in resorts, cruises, theatres, casinos and more all over the world.

In this episode Terry and Sam talk Dave through the history of TAD Management, from its humble beginnings back in 2008 all the way through till the present day, the ins and outs of the vast theatre market in the US and the change in attitude towards tribute acts over the last 25 years.

Terry and Sam also give Dave a detailed view of the effects COVID-19 has had on the entertainment and cruise industries and the unsung heroic conduct demonstrated throughout the industry despite heavy media flack. And lastly what the future of the entertainment and cruise industry could hold once lockdown has passed.

Check out Episode 1 of Studiospares Lockdown Podcast – here

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