Studiospares PortaPA 12
Studiospares PortaPA 12

Studiospares release – PortaPA 12

Studiospares are proud this week to announce the release of the brand new PortaPA 12 system. The PortaPA 12 has been developed and designed to accommodate the needs of entertainers, presenters, coaches, trainers and performers that require a high-powered PA system in any location. The PortaPA 12 is the all-in one solution for media playback and performances.

Powerful and Portable 

The PortaPA 12 is one powerful unit. The built-in amplifier is comprised of a 12” woofer that is designed to deliver a low tight end, while the 1” tweeter provides unparalleled clarity and articulation. The PortaPA 12 can produce up to 115dB Max SPL @ 1m ensuring that both music and speech will be clearly heard wherever it is set up.  

The PortaPa 12 is incredibly portable. It features 2x built-in wheels and a durable pull up handle. Allowing transportation between gigs and venues to be simple and straight forward. Then upon arrival at the venue/gig, the PortaPA can be up and running in a matter of seconds so you can quickly and easily begin or continue your performance/activity without any interruptions. 


The PortaPA 12 embodies functionality. Featuring an internal MP3 player for music playback either through USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth connection via the LCD display on the back of the unit or from the included handy remote. 2x high-quality microphones come included and offer outstanding sound quality and reliability. 

The rear panel controls are incredibly user-friendly on the PortaPA 12. These give easy access to input levels, internal reverb processing, 5-band graphic EQ and the dedicated volume control for the MP3 player. Allowing for any level of user to quickly dial in a professional sound anywhere they need to. 

And if you find yourself hosting an outdoor event with no mains plug in near sight, the PortaPA 12 can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery that can work up to 5 hours or on 100v – 240v mains power supply. 

To find out more about the PortaPA 12, visit the Studiospares website. Or check out our brand new video below.


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