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How to gain stage and why

Gain staging is such a prominent aspect of mixing, and you are probably doing all the time without realising. First and foremost, let’s look at what gain staging is. To put it simply, gain staging is the process of managing the volume levels of tracks and plug-ins inside your project

NAMM 2020 news – PreSonus debut Quantum 2626

More NAMM 2020 news, PreSonus has just debuted the brand-new Quantum 2626, a portable and affordable interface able to deliver a recording and monitoring resolution of 24bit/192kHz. The Quantum 2626 prides itself on having a barley measurable roundtrip latency that’s as low as <1ms like the first Quantum that was

Novation unveils the new Launchpad Pro MK3

Novation has just announced an addition to their Launchpad Pro range the brand-new Launchpad Pro MK3. The MK3 is Novation’s most power grid controller for making music in Ableton Live. The MK3 prides itself on being the most customisable grid instrument for playing and sequencing MIDI-compatible hardware and software, with
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