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Microphone Stand Buying Guide 2020

When buying a microphone, the last thing you’ll probably be thinking about is how you are going to mount it when using it. Chances are you’ll be deep in thought on the specification and performance of your chosen mic. This may be an afterthought once you’ve bought your new microphone,

Trojan Pro release – GearCart 200 Trolley

More new releases from Trojan this week. Introducing the Trojan Pro GearCart 200 Trolley. A highly durable, fully adjustable equipment cart. That is more than ideal for the transportation or storage of large bulky equipment — an excellent choice for the travelling musician, performer or sound engineer.  Heavy Duty The

Trojan Pro Launch – Premium Studio Racks Range

In recent news Trojan have just released their brand-new premium studio racks, in 4U, 6U and 8U configurations. Trojans Premium Studio Racks have been constructed with highest grade components and materials that will offer top durability qualities to keep all of your rack units safe and secure while mounted. The