Trojan Pro release – GearCart 200 Trolley

More new releases from Trojan this week. Introducing the Trojan Pro GearCart 200 Trolley. A highly durable, fully adjustable equipment cart. That is more than ideal for the transportation or storage of large bulky equipment — an excellent choice for the travelling musician, performer or sound engineer. 

Heavy Duty

The GearCart 200 Trolley follows suit in Trojan Pros reputation for delivering high-quality, durable products, the GearCart 200 features 4x heavy-duty wheels, 2x collapsible handles and an adjustable length flatbed to make any load-ins or outs a total breeze. The GearCart 200 trolley is comprised of high-quality steel that makes it incredibly durable and able to withstand the hardest of treatments, all while being able to support 200kg (440lbs) in weight. 

The wheels on the GearCart are made from solid rubber, making them tough as nails while their incredible grip qualities will ensure a safe journey over any terrane. With locking brakes on the turn wheels, this cart is staying put once set and won’t be drifting down any hills anytime soon.  


One of the main features of the Trojan Pro GearCart 200 is that it’s able to be adjusted to your specification. The length of the flatbed can be extended from 74cm to 121cm to accommodate the wide size array of equipment you’ll possibly need to transport. The bed of the frame is lined with grip-tape to ensure that any equipment stored on the GearCart is safe and secure. 

The GearCart 200 trolley houses 2x collapsible handles at each end that can be used to manoeuvre the cart with ease once loaded up. One of the handles is extended should you need a higher handle grip just in case you have an abnormally large piece of equipment on the cart. These handles can be folded down quickly to shrink the GearCart down to an easier sized shape for transportation purposes. 

To find out more visit the Studiospares website. Or watch the video below.


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